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Pellet fuel

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Pellets (or fuel granules) are a type of biological fuel, environmentally friendly and safe for health. They are made on the basis of in advance crushed and dried up vegetable raw materials, without any chemical additives, a pressing method under a high pressure. Thus, as raw materials for pellet...
Group: Pellet fuel
Peleti sosnov_
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P_dpri¾mstvo virobnik to a real_z є pelet sosnov_. Sklad-virobnitstvo to znakhoditsya in the village to Nova Zal_ssya Borodyansky the DISTRICT. Ki§vska regional.
Group: Pellet fuel
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Peleti sosnov_ granulyovan_ v_d a virobnik fasovan_ in b_g-run on 1000 kg
Group: Pellet fuel


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